iOS in the Car is just a lack of ambition

iOS in the car aims at « seamlessly integrating your iOS device — and the iOS experience — with your in-dash system » is what we can read on Apple’s website.

iOS in the car is a nice idea but I am quite surprised that Apple selected this idea and presented it to the public.

A good idea…

iOS in the car


iOS in the car is a good idea because it enables the iPhone to replace the standard car devices (radios, GPS,…) and add the smartphones functionalities (Siri, SMS, Agenda,…). All my smartphone power in the car, yeah !


Yes there is a but… I see mainly 4 reasons that could block iOS in the car from being a huge success.

  1. The device manufacturers are putting some pressure on car manufacturer as of course the iPhone can’t replace the GPS or radio totally: Data network coverage is still far from perfect, GPS chips in the car are better, and the most obvious one, not everybody has an iPhone.
  2. iOS in the car is not fitting the current Apple business model: Apple is controlling the full supply chain for their devices to ensure the highest level of integration between hardware and software. iOS in the car would be exactly the opposite where Apple would be just an OS provider just as Microsoft (although they are changing) and Google. I really wonder how Apple will deal in this situation of not being in full control?Remember the first reason, manufacturer will probably block Apple from getting the control on their devices.
  3. The consequence of the above is the impact on the internal organisation. As it does not correspond to the current business model, the actual organisation is not made to manage such project and will fall in conflict with existing team. And it seems it is already the case (
  4. It really lacks the revolution aspect behind the idea. What is the future that Apple is showing us with iOS in the car ? Just to do what we already do ? Nothing to be really excited about.

iOS in the car key success factor: the iCar

One way for iOS in the car to become the success we would like it to be is that Apple would build a car on its own. The hardware has always played a big role in the past of Apple’s success. Imagine an iCar with just the same level of integration of soft and hardware. The iCar in partnership with one car manufacturer. I would have seen Tesla as good candidate to build such a car with tremendous connected functionality.

Finally, I think Google has taken the right direction with its autonomous car. But given the secret policy at Apple, maybe they’re already working on it as well…

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