Get started without coding skills

Here is one of the question I answered on about how to get started without coding skills.

I have this social media idea,but no coding skills. How do I get someone to do the coding (cant afford to pay them) and not give away half of my idea?

Actually, you don’t really have the choice unless you start to learn coding.

You have to understand that alone you won’t be able to do much to succeed in your business. Therefore you have to give away some share of your idea. An idea is worth nothing until it becomes reality.

Don’t forget that in this world, you are not the only having this idea. The difference comes from what you make out of it.

Smartphones and Tablets existed before the iPhone and iPad came in. There were many social networks already in place when Facebook took off.

I hope this small advice will help you somehow…

Launch your startup without coding skills

By NASA/Carla Cioffi [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Launch your startup without coding skills

This answer was voluntarily short and direct and of course lacked some nuances.

To be more complete, it all depends on the idea itself. Before jumping, there might be other ways to reach the same result without coding. Focusing on the service and not on the product itself is always a good approach for non-developers.

It is also sometimes possible to replace technology with people. Many have startups have started their business by doing things manually. So don’t be afraid and use your hands.

Don’t forget there are many tools out there to help you out. They might not fit 100% of your needs but it is always better than nothing.

Nevertheless my answer would remain basically the same: if you have no money, no coding skills and no wish to share the benefits of your idea with someone else (who has some coding skills) you are probably on the wrong track.

I repeat what I already said in another blog post, having ideas is very nice but worthless if you don’t execute them!

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